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Happy Clients


Lindsay did an amazing job helping me through learning yoga moves that I can't do because of my injuries due to a motorcycle accident. Her experience as a Nurse Practitioner and a yoga instructor goes hand in hand. Highly recommend her.

(Private Yoga Client)

"I just started MOVE. I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee reflecting and I already feel like I have had an aha moment. Your very second question- what does movement mean to you? my first response was health.  My second thought was I don't move enough to be healthy! Thank you Lindsay - I am already looking forward to this journey!"

(Online Program Client)

Friends: this girl is the bomb 💣 
Looking for a nice relaxing avenue to release stress, while having a fun, burning calories, practicing self care?! Oh yea? Me too! 
Check Lindsay Pemble out! She’s beautiful, smart, hilarious & soooo intuitive. She’s your gal for all of the above and more! 

(Yoga Party Host)